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“A thousand roads lead men forever to Rome”; Alain de Lille, 1175

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The Spring newsletter is now available to the general public, with intriguing monumental ditches found beside roads near Huddersfield & Sheffield, along with new discoveries at Rokeby Park (Co Durham), Ribchester to Catterall (Lancashire), Housesteads (Northunberland), Skipton, and Aldborough (N. Yorkhire). Click to view pdf.


An excellent factsheet about the life and work of this influential but very private man was compiled by Mavis Priestley for an exhibition about him by the RH7 History Group. Click to view as a pdf in a new window.

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The Roman Roads Research Association was formed to advance knowledge of the Roman road network and promote the study of Roman roads and Roman heritage throughout the British Isles. Our work is largely inspired by one man, Ivan D. Margary, who without doubt did more for Roman roads research in Britain than anyone before or since, his “Roman Roads in Britain ” (1955) remaining the most comprehensive gazetteer ever compiled. As we approach our first birthday, RRRA are extremely proud to mark the 40th anniversary of his death by hosting the inaugural Ivan D Margary Memorial Conferences.

Ivan Margary, 1896 - 1976

University of Portsmouth, Sat. 3rd September to Sun. 4th September 2016

Burn Hall Hotel, York, Sat. 12th November to Sun. 13th November 2016

Introducing R.R.R.A.

Key themes of the conferences:

Speakers over the two events include:

Professor Mike Fulford (University of Reading), Dr. M. C. Bishop, John Poulter, David Ratledge, Professor Anthony King (University of Winchester), David Millum & Rob Wallace (The Culver Project), Dr. Patrick Ottaway, Rob Entwistle, Dr. John Peterson (University of East Anglia), David Staveley, Bryn Gethin (Warwickshire Archaeology), David Inglis, Graeme Erskine (University of Edinburgh), Mike Haken (RRRA), Nick Brook (HDAS), Mike Turpin (RRRA), James Lyall, David Fell (NAA)

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Thanks to the generous support of a private individual, keen to see as many people as possible to attend, the conference fee for the Portsmouth conference is now just £25 !



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