This road has been recognised as Roman for centuries, and yet it’s course is only known with reasonable certainty from Mytholmroyd to Ilkley, and even then is only certain over a few short lengths. It’s route up Blackstone Edge near Rochdale is famous - except that the famous bit is actually an 18th century turnpike road! The route from Manchester is only identified by three suggestive place names and a straight length of Parish boundary, indeed so thin is the evidence for its existence in Lancashire that some researchers have considered that the road may be actually coming from Wigan, not Manchester.

Manchester to Littleborough - possible route only identified by straight parish boundary on Blackley Golf Course, Street Fold, Harpurhey and Street Bridge, Royton. Development since the 18th century has made it highly unlikely that any of this section of the road survives, if indeed it ever existed.

Blackstone Edge to Mytholmroyd - Whether the first turnpike road over Blackstone Edge follows the Roman line, or whether the Roman route was some distance further North West as suggested by both Francis Villy in the early 20th century and more recently by the Littleborough Historical and Archaeological Society, is not yet known. The conventionally accepted route skirts Baitings Reservoir before heading to Sowerby and then into the Calder valley, however if Villy’s route up Blackstone Edge is correct as seems likely, then a completely different route to Mytholmroyd seems inevitable, probably skirting Great Manshead Hill and avoiding Sowerby altogether.

Mytholmroyd to - the course from the Calder up to    is far from certain, however from that point as far as Harden Moor above Keighley enough short sections have been identified to give us a fairly good idea as to its general course through Ogden (where there is a stretch of surviving agger), Denholme and Cullingworth.

Harden Moor to Rombald’s Moor - the route of its descent to the Aire is currently highly speculative, as is its course right up the other side of the Aire valley until it reaches Rombalds Moor.

Rombalds moor to Ilkley. - The route is reasonably certain all the way down the valley side towards the Roman bridging point downstream from the fort in Ilkley

Manchester to Ilkley, Margary 720a, 39 miles of which just 6 miles are certain