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“A thousand roads lead men forever to Rome”; Alain de Lille, 1175

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Roman Road M18e

Brief Accounts of Each Roman road in Yorkshire.

The map below is interactive - simply click on any road to bring up a brief summary. Alternatively, below the map is a list of all the known, probably and claimed roads in Yorkshire - each road name is clickable and will bring up it’s gazetteer entry. Click to go to the list. The numbering system used is that originally developed by Ivan Margary in the mid 20th century, which whilst far from ideal, does at least provide a consistent form of identification. The occasional RR number represents roads not numbered by Margary and often identified relatively recently; RRX numbers represent additional roads identified by the Ordnance Survey who (for reasons best known to themselves) did not follow Margary’s logical numbering system.

Manchester to Ilkley, Margary 720a Manchester to Thorner, Margary 712 (Manchester to) Ribchester to Low Borrowbridge and beyond, Margary 7c etc. Ribchester to Ilkley, Margary 72a. Ilkley to Tadcaster, Margary 72b. Ilkley to Aldborough, Margary 720b. Scarcroft to Hazlewood, Margary 729. Ingleton to Bainbridge, Margary 73. Scotch Corner to Brougham (Stainmore Pass), Margary 82. Bowes – Bishop Auckland, Margary 820. Bainbridge to Stang Top (Bowes?), RR732. South Newbald to Malton, Margary 29. Doncaster to Tadcaster (Roman Ridge), Margary 28b. Tadcaster to York (Roman Ridge), Margary 28c. Hazlewood to Whixley (Rudgate), Margary 280. York – Aldborough (Dere Street), Margary 8a. Aldborough to Catterick Bridge (Dere Street), Margary 8b. Catterick Bridge – Binchester (Dere Street ), Margary 8c. Barmby on the Moor - Durham (Cade's Road), Margary 80a. York to Clifton, Margary 801. York to Stockton on the Forest, Margary 800. North Carlton To Doncaster (Roman Ridge), Margary 28a. Cantley to Long Sandall (Cantley Spur), Margary 281. Chesterfield to Templeborough (Rotherham), Margary 18e. Chesterfield to Templeborough, (Rotherham), Margary 18ee. Catcliffe to Oldcoates, Margary 189 Brough to Templeborough (Rotherham) , Margary 710b. Brough on Humber – Barmby on the Moor, Margary 2e. York (Grimston) to Malton, Margary 81a. Stamford Bridge to Bridlington, Margary 810 & 811. Malton to Lutton, Margary 812. Malton to Bainton, Margary 813. Malton to Hovingham, Margary 814.. Malton to Bulmer, Margary 815.

Known or Highly Probable Roman roads

Known but only Fragmentary

Rossington Bridge to Tickhill High Common. Castleford (?) Westwards. Hemsworth - Templeborough (?) to Thorp Audlin (?) Strensall northwards Seamer

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Roads that have been claimed/ described as Roman, but with little solid evidence

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Ripponden to Rastrick, Margary 720aa. Slack to Illingworth Skipton to Ingleton, Margary 722. Bainbridge to Buckden, Margary 730. Bainbridge westwards towards Mallerstang Sedbergh to Kirkby Stephen, Margary 731. Bainbridge to Healam Bridge Bainbridge to Bainesse (Catterick) Marrick to Ulshaw Bridge Thornton le Street to Catterick Templeborough to Doncaster, Margary 710c. Barnsdale Bar to Elslack, Margary 721 and RRX134 Templeborough or Mexborough via Woodlesford to Dishforth (Ricknield Street), Margary 728. Slack to Castleshaw (conventional route), Margary 712 Kilgram Bridge (or Catterick?) to Ripley/Hampsthwaite Brough on Humber eastwards Bawtry heading due south Brough on Humber to Spurn Head Barnby on the Moor to York, Margary 2e. Fridaythorpe to Bridlington, Margary 811. Stockton on the Forest to Norton direct, Margary 800 extended. Malton (Amotherby) to Whitby, Margary 81b. Malton to Filey, Margary 816. York to Malton direct north of R. Derwent  Hovingham to Healam Bridge via Saxty Way (Thirsk), Margary 814 extended. Sherburn to Seamer, Margary 817. East Coastal road Girsby (?) to Huntcliffe Aldborough to York direct via Beningborough Aldborough to Easingwold & Malton - Margary 814 or 815 extended Aldborough to link with 80a south of Thirsk Skipwith York to Easingwold 

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Hambleton Street

Ilkley Fort and Vicus

Adel Fort & Settlement

Potternewton Kilns

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Dalton Parlours Villa

Roman Road m72b

Roman Road M720b

Roman Road M72a

Roman Road M720a

Roman Road M721

Nidderdale Lead Mining

Mastiles Lane Temporary Camp

Langcliffe Copper working

Kirk Sink Villa

Bank Newton ?Villa?

Elslack Fort and Vicus

Gawthorpe ?Villa?

Ribchester Fort & Settlement

Roman Road m722

Roman Road M7c

Roman Road M7b

Roman Road M73

Roman Road

Bainbridge to Mallerstang

Roman Road M730

Roman Road M732

Roman Road

Hurst to Ulshaw Bridge

Roman Road M82

Roman Road M820

Roman Road M8c

Roman Road M8b

Roman Road M8a

Roman Road M28c

Roman Road M28a

Roman Road M28b

Roman Road M712

Roman Road M720aa

Roman Road?

Slack to Causeway Foot

Roman Road RRX134

Roman Road M710b

Roman Road M710c

Roman Road M18ee

Roman Road

Rossington Southwards

Ryknield Street

Roman Road M728

Roman Road M18e extended

Roman Road WNW from Castleford

Roman Road M280

Roman Road M729


Brough Fort and Vicus

Augill Beck Signal Tower

Punchbowl Signal Tower

Johnson’s Plain Signal Tower

Maiden Castle Fortlet

Roper Castle Signal Tower

Rey Cross Temporary Camp

Bowes Moor Temporary Camp

Bowes Moor Signal Tower

Vale House Signal Tower


Bowes Fort & Vicus

Cow Close Temporary Camp

Scargill Moor Shrines

Swaledale Lead Mining

Greta Bridge Fort & Vicus


Binchester Fort & Vicus


Piercebridge Fort

Vicus, Bridge, Settlement

Piercebridge Pottery Kiln

Holme House Villa


Brigantian Oppidum (?)

Carkin Moor (E. Layton) Fort

Rokeby Shrines

Middleham Villa

Wensley Fort


Bainbridge Fort & Vicus


Catterick Fort, Town & Camp

Bainesse Villa

Catterick Pottery Kiln

Possible Roman site,

 Gatenby Gate

Healam Bridge Fort & Vicus

Snape Villa

Well, Roman Site,

 Possible Villa or Shrine

Castle Dykes Villa

Roecliffe Fort & Vicus

Isurivm Brigantvm

Aldborough, Civitas Capital

Boroughbridge Kiln

Boroughbridge Kilns 1&2

Wilstrop Hall Villa

Plompton Villa (?)

North Deighton possible Villa (?)

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Newton Kyme Fort,

Vicus & Temporary Camp

Leeds, Possible Settlement

Birstall ?Villa?

Snapethorpe Hall?Villa?

Brough on Humber eastwards

Wakefield Ironstone Pits

Grimescar Tileries

Slack Fort & Vicus

Worlow Military Site

Castleshaw Fort & Vicus

Whirlow Roman Site

Pitsmoor Ironstone Workings

Templeborough Fort & Vicus

Roman Road M189

Laughton-en-le-Morthen Villa (?)

Conisbrough Villa (?)

Clifton Ironstone Workings

Stancil Villa (?)

Rossington Bridge Vexillation Fortress

Doncaster Pottery Kiln Group

Cantley Pottery Kiln Group

Rossington Bridge Kiln Group

Auckley Pottery Kiln Group

Rossington Bridge Ironworking


Doncaster Fort & Vicus

Sandtoft Roman Site

Burghwallis Fort

Thorpe Audlin Fortlet

Nostell Priory Settlement

Darrington Villa (?)

Ackworth Villa (?)


Castleford Fort & Settlement

Roall Manor Fort

Newlands (Drax) Ironworking

Drax Villa

Riccall Villa (?)

Cawood Villa (?)

Ladyflats (Kirkby Wharfe)Villa


Tadcaster Settlement

Brough on Humber to Spurn Head About Us About Us

Headley Bar Limestone Quarry

About Us

Roman Road M80a

Roman Road M80a

Cleveland Street

Roman Road:

Thornton-le-Street to Brompton-on-Swale

Roman Road M814

Roman Road M81b

Wades Causeway

Roman Road M817

Roman Road M816

Roman Road M812

Roman Road M815

Roman Road M800

Roman Road:

Strensall to Sherriff Hutton

Roman Road M810

Roman Road M811

Roman Road M813

Roman Road

NE from Brough

Roman Road M2e

Roman Road M29

Eryholme Villa (?)

Dalton on Tees Villa

Quarry Farm Villa, Ingleby Barwick

Little Busby Villa (?)

Breckenbrough Temporary Camp

Huntcliff Signal Station

Streethouse Villa (?)

Goldsborough Signal Station

Whitby Possible Signal Station

Ravenscar Signal Station

Aislaby Jet Workings

Danby Ironstone Workings

Lease Rigg Fort

Cawthorn Fort

& Camps Complex

Scarborough Signal Station

Filey Signal Station

Crossgates Villa (?)

Seamer Villa (?)

Blansby Park Villa

Brompton Villa (?)

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Spaunton Villa (?)

Hutton-le-Hole Possible Roman Site

Beadlam Villa

Cold Kirby Possible Roman Site

Hood Grange Villa (?)

Oldstead Pottery Kiln

Staxton Fort

West Heslerton Shrine Complex

Knapton Pottery Kiln

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Flamborough Head Signal Station

Grindale Possible Villa

Sewerby Settlement

Rudston Villa

Kilham Possible Villa

Tuft Hill Possible Villa

Harpham Villa

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Garton/Elmswell Possible Villa

Wetwang Slack Possible Villa

Thornton le Street to Catterick brief

Amotherby Roman Site/villa?

Malton Pottery Kiln

Norton Pottery Kiln

Norton Settlement

About Us

Settrington Villa (?)

Wath Temporary Camp

Hovingham Villa

Roughborough Villa (?) Villa

Musley Bank Villa (?) Villa

Hildenley Limestone Quarry

Crambeck Potteries

Burythorpe Possible Villa

Langton ‘A’ Possible Villa

Langton ‘B’ Villa

Wharram Grange Villa

Wharram-le-Street Villa/Shrine

Fimber Pottery Kiln

Ricknield Street

Roman Road M81a

Buttercrambe Moor Temporary Camp

Malton Fort


Stamford Bridge Fort(?) & Settlement

Elstronwick Possible Villa

Lockington Pottery Kiln

Bishop Burton Possible Villa

Skidby Possible Villa

Rowley Ironworking / Possible Villa

Millington Shrine

About Us

Ousethorpe Possible Villa

Shiptonthorpe Settlement

Hayton Villa

Hayton Fort & Vicus

Pocklington Possible Villa

Barmby Moor Villa (?)

Barmby Moor Pottery Kiln

Seaton Ross Possible Villa

Holme-on-Spalding-Moor Kiln Group

Newbald Villa

South Cave (1) Possible Villa

Rudstone Dale Settlement

South Cave (2) Possible Villa

Newbald Limestone Quarry

Hotham Possible Villa

Bursea Ironworking sites

816 Brief

Welton Wold Possible Villa

Brantingham Villa


Brough on Humber

Fort & Civitas Capital

Melton Roman Site


Broomfleet Pottery Kiln

Blacktoft Pottery Kiln

Oulston Villa

Crayke (2) Possible Villa Site

Crayke (1) Possible Villa Site

About Us

West Lilling Villa

Lillings Ambo Possible Villa

Kilgram Bridge to Ripley

Huntington Temporary Camps

Bootham Stray Temporary Camps

York Pottery Kilns Kilns


York Legionary Fortress

& Colonia

Clementhorpe Villa (?)

Acomb possible Villa (?)

Heworth Pottery Kiln Kilns

Whorlton Possible Roman Site

Winteringham Settlement

Probable Roman Road from Malton to Filey M816

Claimed Roman Road from Kilgram to Ripley

Possible Roman Road between Sedbergh & Kirkby Stephen; M731

Possible Roman Road from Bainbridge to Catterick

Possible Roman Road from Bainbridge to Healam Bridge

Traditional but doubtful route of M712 between Castleshaw and Slack

Possible Roman Road southwards from Bawtry

Possible Roman Road near Kiveton

Possible Roman Road (Saxty Way) from Hovingham to Healam Bridge

Claimed Roman Road: Hambleton Street

Possible Roman Road from Aldborough towards M815, Malton

Possible Roman Road extending M800 to Norton

Fridaythorpe to Bridlington, Margary 810 (part).

Possible Roman Road M810 Fridaythorpe to Bridlington

Roman Road eastwards from Brough on Humber

Claimed Roman Road from Brough to Spurn Head

Wilberfoss Villa (?)

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Cantley Spur, M281

Long Sandall Fort

Scaftworth Fort

Traditional but doubtful route of M2e between Barmby on the Moor and York

Possible Roman Road from Aldborough direct to York

28a brief Hotspot_M712 Saxty Way Hotspot_M712 710b brief Methodology 710c brief 2e brief 810 brief M810 Fridaythorpe Ricknield Street 29 brief 800 extended 813 brief 29 brief Methodology Methodology 813 brief Brough on Humber to Spurn Head Methodology 729 brief Cleveland Street Methodology Methodology 815brief 800 brief Methodology 812 brief 8c brief Methodology Known Group Aldborough to Easingwold Methodology 730 Brief Bainbridge to Healam Bridge Bainbridge to Healam Bridge 720a brief York to Malton north of Derwent Bainbridge to Bainesse Methodology Methodology 721 & RRX134 brief 813 brief Aldborough to York direct 814 brief Hemsworth - Templeborough(?) to Thorp Audlin(?) 80a brief 7c brief 722 brief Methodology 721 & RRX134 brief 720a brief 72a brief 720b brief 73 brief Bainbridge to Mallerstang 730 Brief 732 brief Marrick to Ulshaw Bridge 82 brief 820 brief 720aa Ripponden to Rastrick Slack to Illingworth brief 721 & RRX134 brief Rossington Bridge to Tickhill High Common Methodology Cleveland Street 81b brief 817 brief 816 Brief

Point your mouse at any symbol and it’s label should appear - clicking on any road should take you to the individual site page opening in a pop-up window. If you find anything that doesn’t work as it should, please let us know.

Kilgram Bridge to Ripley 731 brief Bainbridge to Bainesse Hambleton Street Bainbridge to Healam Bridge 18ee brief Bawtry south Ricknield Street 721 & RRX134 brief Hemsworth - Templeborough(?) to Thorp Audlin(?) Hemsworth - Templeborough(?) to Thorp Audlin(?) Ricknield Street Ricknield Street 7c brief 7c brief 73 brief Aldborough to Cade's Road link 80a brief Thornton le Street to Catterick brief Brough on Humber to Spurn Head Brough on Humber to Spurn Head 29 brief 281 brief 81a brief 810 brief 81a brief Castlefords westwards 18e brief 189 brief Kiveton (Ricknield St?) 712 Slack to Castleshaw (conventional) brief

Known or Probable

This first group comprises those roads that we know for certain exist, although we are often less than certain about some of the details of the route. This group includes roads such as Rudgate (Hazlewood to Whixley), where much of its length is assumed to lie beneath modern roads without much evidence that this is actually the case.

Known - Fragmentary

The second group comprises a handful of roads identified in recent years mainly by aerial photography and geophysics. Because we only know of very short surviving lengths, we can often only guess as to their start and end points, and their routes are almost entirely unknown.

Existence Unproven or no Evidence

This group comprises putative roads that have been claimed or suggested in the past, but where the evidence is so thin that their existence is questionable. Our aim will be to attempt to determine once and for all whether there is any real evidence of a Roman origin or usage.

Aldborough to Easingwold Strensall northwards 80a brief 80a brief 80a brief Historical Background Introduction & Aims Methodology
Ricknild Street Pilot