The Western Stanegate Roman Road, Margary 85

The forts of Burgh 1 and Kirkbride pre-date Hadrian's Wall and are considered contemporary with the Stanegate forts east of Carlisle. The proposal for a western road extension of the Stanegate serving them has often been suggested. In truth they would have needed road connections. Professor Barri Jones was probably at the forefront of researching this and in addition to recording a short length of road at Finglandrigg also proposed a linear palisade.

Lidar coverage is currently (2018) very patchy but at last evidence for the beginnings of this road are clearly visible. It route west from this spot will probably have to await the new Environment Agency lidar coverage.

location  map



Professor G.D.A. Jones & D.J. Woolliscroft, Hadrian's Wall from the Air, 2001

Details of his discoveries in this area are covered on pages 68-71. Despite references to a road on Finglandrigg he concentrates more on running ditches and watch towers. Somewhat frustratingly lacking in detail for us.



Western Stanegate Forts - location Map

The relationship of the various forts. The road shown must surely have connected to both Burgh I and also to Kirkbride. The ridges of high ground, including Finglandrigg, are the obvious onward route with presumably a northern branch to Burgh.

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Oblique 3D Lidar View - looking West from Carlisle

The section heading west beyond the suburbs of Carlisle is very clear in this 3D lidar view looking straight along its alignment.

The vallum and the wall are also clear to the right on this image. Remember the Western Stanegate, Burgh 1 and Kirkbride pre-date Hadrian's Wall and it forts.


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3D lidar

Lidar Image and Route Map

The newly discovered section is cut by Carlisle Westerly Bypass (Carlisle Northern Development Route), A689, but it is clearly visible either side of it. During construction the Roman road was not detected but of course they did not know its route then and thought it would be where the roundabout now is.

It is easy to extend what is visible by utilising modern roads but awaiting new lidar data first is probably safer.

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lidar and map

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