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“A thousand roads lead men forever to Rome”; Alain de Lille, 1175

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This section of the website will eventually form a comprehensive and up to date summary of every Roman road in Britain. It is not simply a case of preparing minor updatings of Ivan Margary’s work of the mid 20th century, which whilst remaining the starting point for any student of Roman roads in Britain, is now woefully out of date. This is a massive task and will develop slowly, and we hope to be able to remove the Under Construction cartoon from the last part of the Gazetteer at some point within the next ten years or so giving our foot-soldiers a target of Saturnalia 2024!

For many years, a series of pages on Roman roads in Lancashire were hosted on Lancashire County Council's website, providing an excellent summary of our understanding to a higher level than that available online for any any other county. However, these pages were removed by LCC in December 2014, along with considerable other valuable historical information regarding Lancashire's highway heritage. This inexplicable decision was brought to our attention by the creator of the pages, David Ratledge, and we are extremely grateful to him for granting us the opportunity to host them. David has updated them to incorporate many new discoveries, and lots of new images.

The content will eventually appear on this site in the standardised RRRA gazetteer format, complete with interactive map, hopefully within the next 12 months.

David Ratledge's Lancashire Pages Yorkshire Gazetteer (under construction)