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The Roman Road from Kelsall to Middlewich(?)

Margary Number: 7aa

Distance: 11(?) miles

There is no doubt as to the existence of this road but it is definitely a story of two halves. The first half is obvious but the connection to Middlewich - that is surely the route's destination - has never been proved. Kirk was the first to suggest a route but even he was struggling and this was before Winsford's urban sprawl began.




Historic Counties: Cheshire

Current Counties: Cheshire

HER: Cheshire


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cheshire map


Nettleford Wood - looking towards the Junction

This is the Northwich alignment through Nettleford Woods, Kelsall. The road in is in an engineered cutting. Our road branches off just where the leaning tree is located.

Image: Neil Buckley

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Nettleford Wood - Road Junction

This is the actual junction and the start of our road almost certainly to Middlewich.

This leg is not used as a public footpath now so is much overgrown. Winter will obviously be best to view this stretch which is also in an excavated cutting. The cuttings are clear in the 3D lidar image - see below.

Image: Neil Buckley



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Lidar Image & Map - Route Map 1

The junction and its alignment and merger into the A54 are clear. There have been suggestions that the Roman line was slightly to the north of the A54 on this stretch but lidar does not support this. We can be reasonably certain therefore that the A54 represents the Roman line here.

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route 1

3D Oblique Lidar Image - Nettleford Wood looking towards Middlewich.

In this DTM derived image trees, vegetation and buildings are removed making the Roman constructed cuttings very clear.


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3D lidar

Lidar Image & Map - Route Map 2

Lidar does offer some clues as far as Salterswall where the coverage currently (2018) runs out.

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route 2

Kirk's Plan

Kirk showed the second half dotted so he was guessing too. His route is somewhat indirect which does raise doubts.

Note: Kirk's plans appear to have been inaccurately drawn by Watkin's book engraver. The Northwich route is particularly misplaced.


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OS First Edition & Modern Maps - Route Map 3

Kirk's route is shown in blue and a suggested route in red. For the red route I have assumed that Winsford - named after the ford over the River Weaver - is likely to have been the Roman crossing point too.

Because the area is so developed an OS first edition map has been used instead of the normal lidar image. Both route options I would suggest are low confidence.

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route 3

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