“A thousand roads lead men forever to Rome”; Alain de Lille, 1175

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This section of our website is what our Association is all about, bringing knowledge of Roman roads in Britain into the 21st century.  At the heart of it is a gazetteer providing a comprehensive up to date summary of every Roman road in Britain, accompanied by pages giving details and  interpretations of crucial Roman documents such as the Antonine Itineraries and the Peutinger Table, Ivan Margary and his numbering system, and much more.

This is, the first time a detailed gazetteer has been attempted since the final edition of Ivan Margary’s “Roman Roads in Britain” in 1973. Whilst Margary’s work remains the starting point for any student of Roman roads in Britain, it is now woefully out of date, and in many cases quite inaccurate. The work is being conducted in stages across the country, and the first stage, Yorkshire, is now (December 2017) in the final stages of editing prior to public release at the end of January 2018 - just Yorkshire on its own covers nearly a thousand miles of road and has been a mammoth task in its own right.

Yorkshire will be followed in early 2018 by the transfer of David Ratledge’s famous Lancashire pages into a standard gazetteer format, followed quickly by Cumbria, as David has now completed his review of that county. The collection of data in County Durham has already started, being conducted by Dave Armstrong.  The project is targeted for completion in 2023, exactly 50 years since Margary’s final edition.

For many years, David Ratledge’s webpages on Roman roads in Lancashire were hosted by Lancashire County Council, providing an excellent summary of Lancashire’s Roman roads, to a higher level than that available online for any other county. After the inexplicable decision by Lancashire County Council to remove them in 2014, RRRA have been very proud to host David’s work: their loss was very much our gain.

We can now announce (December 2017) that David has finished three years of work on Roman roads in Cumbria, a task which has largely completed work begun by the late Hugh Toller.  He has presented them in a slightly different way to the Lancashire pages so that they more resemble the

During the first few months of 2018, the pages will be converted into a standard RRRA format, to match the almost completed Yorkshire section.

David Ratledge's Lancashire Pages David Ratledge's Cumbria Pages

For the last three years, David has been working extensively with LiDAR to provide a review of the Roman roads in Cumbria, completing work begun by the late Hugh Toller. David’s work significantly enhances our understanding of the road network in Cumbria, although he would be the first to admit that there remain many unanswered questions.

The work will be transferred into a standard gazetteer format during the first half of 2018, to match the now completed Yorkshire section which will be released in late January, 2018.