“A thousand roads lead men forever to Rome”; Alain de Lille, 1175

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In his review in NATURE of Ivan Margary’s magnum opus, Roman Roads in Britain, first published in 1955, Sir Mortimer Wheeler observed that  ‘A worthwhile task has been worthily achieved. It will hold its place for long’. These have proved to be very wise words about a book that remains the most complete catalogue of Roman roads in Britain.

The book remains in such high demand that copies can change hands for a hundred pounds or more, and that’s if you can find a copy for sale. After making extensive attempts to locate the owners of the copyright to the book, which ultimately failed, the RRRA registered it as an orphan work with the EU Intellectual Property Office , giving us the right to legally reproduce it. Then, to help those members who may not be lucky enough to have access to a copy, one of our members, Ed Harkess, scanned the entire text, which we have now prepared as a PDF. For the time being at least, this pdf will only be made available to RRRA members

Whilst we have converted the book into an A4 sized document, we have retained all the original page structure, with all maps and plates in their original positions in the work. We have added hyperlinks to all all the references to roads made in the text, as well as to the Contents and the list of all the roads at the end, making navigation of the book very straightforward. In maintaining the page structure, one unfortunate side-effect has been the creation of large amounts of space at the foot of most pages, and last lines that do not flow properly to the next page. We are working to correct this issue, although it does mean editing each one of the 569 pages individually - please be patient!

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